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Learning Environment

A Rich Play Based Learning Environment

Play underpins all areas of development and learning, children will flourish intellectually, creatively, physically, socially and emotionally when they are encouraged to freely explore and experiment in an environment that both challenges and inspires them.


The environment we have created helps children to:

  • Feel valued as a member of the nursery family.
  • Take risks and problem solve in a safe environment.
  • Experience social skills of being part of a larger group.
  • Provides endless learning opportunities.
  • Become independent learners.

Each child attending the nursery is planned for as an individual, staff use weekly planning sheets to convey their key children's requirements and next steps. The team support children's individual interests, respect alternative approaches and provide additional resources to expand on the child’s knowledge and capabilities. We offer a balance of adult led and child selected experiences and activities that cover all areas of learning both indoors and out. The curriculum we follow is carefully planned in accordance with current statutory guidance, however we plan using a flexible approach that can easily be adapted to the individual needs and interests of each child attending our nursery. Staff continuously monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of their practice by observing the children and assessing individual progress or identifying any concerns, this information is discussed verbally with parents and colleagues and recorded in a child's learning journal.

The children enjoy getting involved with the planning of activities and the layout of the nursery. Children are regularly consulted and actively encouraged to assist in problem-solving, the staff discussed cause and effect with the children helping them to make their own decisions about their environment.