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Outside Play

Whenever possible we aim to offer free flow access to the garden area. The 0-2 year room has a designated outside area so they are kept safe from the older, more adventurous children. It is fully equipped with a play house, climbing frame, rockers, trampolines, books and other stimulating activities to promote and support all 7 areas of development. They are also given access to the rest of the garden when the children from other rooms are participating in circle time etc.

The main garden area is fully equipped with a large climbing frame which includes a tunnel, slide and fireman’s pole. We also have a boat area which is great for children to balance and promote their social skills.

Added to this we also provide a range of scooters, trikes and bikes, balls, balancing beams as well as numerous other physical equipment so all children of any ability would be able to develop their physical skills further.

We are proud of the mud kitchen we provide the children, this is very popular and therefore it means that your child’s clothing may occasionally become a little dirty when playing in this area. We do, however, always aim to protect children’s clothing with aprons but this does not cover all their clothing!! We also provide a range of water and sand activities to give the children a variation in their play.

Staff are always on hand to suggest new games or activities for children and normally end up in the middle of games that the children have decided to play!!

We are developing our Sensory areas with a range of textures and are also going to plant a range of sensory plants for the children to explore. We often seek advice and source new equipment to support all children with additional needs and disabilities.