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Tiddley Toddlers Room

The Tiddley Toddler room is a welcoming and stimulating environment for your 2 year old to thrive, grow and develop their individual skills. We encourage independence, socialising, following instructions and simple boundaries to provide the best possible start for your child as they discover the wonders of life with their inquisitive minds. Throughout the day your Child will have lots of exciting activities on offer that have been planned to ensure we are meeting all areas of their Learning, the children also have an option to explore activities of their own choice, this again encourages independence and gives the children an opportunity to show their likes and preferences.

At circle time we take the opportunity to all sit as a group and have discussions about various topics, home life, and other events, we also share stories, rhymes, songs, learn our shapes, colours and body parts. We also have a self registration board where the children find their own name and say they are here today.

Two Year Check

As childcare Professionals we are now asked to carry out a Two Year Check on each of our Key Children. This has to be undertaken before your child turns three. This came into effect when the Early Years Framework changed on the 1st September 2012. It helps us to see where your child is progressing and where they might need some extra support. Once we have identified this we would individually plan for their next step targets. It is also a great chance for you as the parent to voice any concerns or anxieties you may have about your child’s learning. We will ask you to complete a form and use it to put together the 2 year check, which will be discussed privately on an arranged evening with your child’s key person.