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Pre school Room

Throughout the day in Pre School your child will be able to engage in lots of rich learning opportunities through play and adult led activities. Through our stimulating environment we will plan, resource and support your child to progress in all areas of learning. We plan for two carpet times a day one in the morning and one in the afternoon. This is where the group comes together as a whole and we sing the hello song. We also discuss the weather, what day of the week it is and ask a child to count all the children. That child then writes the correct amount on the board. Once the carpet time jobs are complete we split in to two groups planned around the childrens abilities. We focus on maths and literacy and alternate them each week.

In Pre School your child will have their own peg and draw where they can independently hang their coat and bag. Each child’s peg will have their name so they can find their belongings easily we also promote name recognition in other ways, for example morning self registration and snack and lunch registration this prepares school readiness.

School Readiness

School readiness is always causing a lot of confusion for parents and often childcare practioners. School readiness is often described as 'Children reaching a good level of developement in the prime areas amd literacy and mathematics' but infact School readiness goes much deeper than this; a school ready child should be displaying many other characteristics.

Some of the expected charateristics that should be displayed by a child to show school readiness are as following;

  • Independent toileting
  • Able to dress themselves
  • Understanding the expected levels of behaviour
  • Confidence and Self Esteem
  • Able to turn take and share
  • Able to sit still for short periods of time
  • Able to separate from main carer
  • To have the communication and language skills needed to communicate needs and listen to others
  • That they can actively learn and creatively and critically think 


Many activities or experiences are offered to the children in Pre School to help develop school readiness. Some of these include:

  • We encourage the children to wipe their own bottoms, using routine visual aids can be useful to remind a child of the necessary steps when toileting such as, toilet, wipe, flush, wash hands. 
  • We encourage children to take off and put on their own jumpers, cardigans or coats; it can be easier and quicker to do this for them but supporting a child to do it themselves will help them learn the skills needed to be school ready. This can also be done with them putting on their own socks and shoes to.
  • We use golden rule visual posters to show children the expected levels of behaviour in the setting. All practioners keep it positive and express the behaviour they would like to see rather than the behaviour they don't want to see, i.e kind hands instead of no fighting.
  • We always use praise and encouragement here at Nanny Jo's, this should be done as part of every day practice, we promote this further through sharing proud moments in learning journeys and on the super star wall that the children can see and we also encourage children to display the work they are proud of. 
  • We play games, hold fun and inviting carpet time sessions that are fun, share stories, sing songs and encourage show and tell. All of these will encourage communication and langauge development, turn taking and listening skills. 

School Readiness is essential for developement and determines a child's future outcomes so promoting these skills as early as possible is the best way to ensure every child gets the support they need to succeed.