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About Us 

Mission Statement

We offer a rich learning culture, that provides children with an abundance of opportunities and experiences that encourage them to explore all possibilities in their environment.

Children are nurtured to feel safe and valued, allowing them to move forward and successfully reach their full potential. We view each child as unique having their own abilities and interests, so that they grow to become active independent learners, irrespective of their ability and background. As a team we work together, with families and professionals, to meet each child's individual needs. 

We continuously remain open and receptive to any suggestions for improvement. 


Nanny Jo's Nursery

Nanny Jo's Nursery was purpose built in 2006 and now has a well established reputation for providing outstanding care and education for children aged from birth to 11 years. Our team of highly qualified professionals build strong relationships with their key-children to ensure their individual needs are met.

The environment we provide is child centred, and children are consultated when making decision regarding any significant changes or purchasing of resources. Children with additional needs are fully supported to ensure they reach their full potential.

We  pride ourselves on our play based approach to children's learning, by supporting children to take part in play and by providing a well resourced play environment both inside and outside. Care and education is based around each individual child, with each child's development being documented in their own learning journal. The strong relationships that we build with parents families and outside professionals ensure that we are all working together to support your child. As your child continues their journey throughout the nursery we gradually support them to become, confident, independent learners. ready for the next stage of their education. 


Big Kidz + After School Club + Holiday Club

In 2012 we extended our care to include a holiday club. Big kid club providing primary school aged children with a homely environment for them to use as a retreat to relax out of school hours. 

Nanny Jo's Ethos

● Nurturing young minds in a natural environment 
● Building strong, purposeful lifelong skills. 
● Recognizing every  child as a unique and individual being 
● Creating opportunities for young minds to explore and experiment at their own pace
● Enriching children's learning through sustained and shared thinking 
● Preparing the next generation for their next step in life
● Secure and effective attachments are formed through our strong Key Person approach
● Offering children positive experiences that develop independence and create an eagerness to learn